Motorcycle Novelty Helmets

The subject of “Motorcycle Helmets” is a controversial area among bikers. Heck, it’s controversial among non-bikers who dare to bump heads with motorcyclists who have strong feelings on the subject of NOT wearing helmets.

I’m of the viewpoint “to each his own.” If a rider does not want to wear a helmet, then fine (although that doesn’t work in the states or countries that make it illegal not to wear a motorcycle helmet).

Personally, I’m an advocate of helmet USE, but not an advocate of helmet laws. Having said that, if one is going to wear any helmet at all, why bother wearing a motorcycle novelty helmet?

These are cheap helmets that are closer to a hat than a helmet, at least in terms of protection.

This article has a stronger perspective:

Motorcycle Novelty Helmet = “Call Me Stupid”


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